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Why is it important to verify the application using technology before submitting to USCIS?

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Why is it important to verify the application using technology before submitting to USCIS?

Why is it important to verify the application using technology before submitting to USCIS?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a part of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which handles forms and processing materials related to immigration and naturalization. An individual residing in the US shall approach the USCIS for immigration and naturalization. A green card holder is eligible to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States who can live and work in the US continually. Green card holders who meet the set criteria by the USCIS can request citizenship.

With abounding pages to be filled out correctly, copious questions to be answered uprightly and numerous identification numbers, addresses, dates, and information to be remembered, form filling and submission with the USCIS can be quite intimidating for the applicant. It would benefit the applicant to take technical support from a technical site that is dedicated to assist its customers in the process of Government form filing.

Following are the advantages of using technical support software to fill forms to be submitted to the USCIS:

Quick, easy and efficient filing

An accurate application has very little chance for rejection. helps you navigate the form meticulously and guides the applicant through every section of the form. This makes form filing easy, quick and efficient.

Customized guidelines provides customized guidelines to the applicant from start to finish and gives clear and concise directions at every section. Instructions are also provided to organize and submit the completed documents for filing.

Flexible filing

Online filing provides the ease of switching between devices and allows the user to continue filing from where he left. This is particularly useful when the applicant has to collect information to fill out the blanks during filing. The user can complete the application in a single session or can take multiple sessions. When the application is saved, it can be retrieved with the saved information and the user can continue to fill the application from where he stopped earlier.

Updated information

Form filing with a professional site like keeps you up to date with the latest forms, documents and policies helps you in filing documents. USCIS rejects forms that are outdated.

Technical assistance

Technology-embedded online application process helps with digitized applications by halting users in case of errors in the application and will direct the applicants to correct the mistake(s). Only on completion of the corrections the software will allow users to proceed further on the application.

Round the clock support

A professionally run site like will have a customer support team available 24/7 to assist you with form filing. You can contact the support team anytime to answer your questions on form filing.

Saves time money and efforts

USCIS charges $725 (Filing charge - $640 + Biometric fee - $85) for US Citizenship and $540 (Filing charge - $455 + Biometric fee - $85) for Green card renewal. When filed incorrect or incomplete, USCIS rejects the application. In such cases, the individual has to reapply by completing and submitting a new form and pay the fee again. Technical assistance can help reduce rejection and save the user time, money and efforts.

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